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The European - Peeled Willow Coffin

The European - Peeled Willow Coffin

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Product Description

The "European"  - "White" (peeled) willow

FTP Eco-Coffins, LTD. from the UK has been commissioning handmade woven coffins from around the world for a number of years, selling thousands to the British public for both natural burial and clean cremation. The "white" color of the willow comes when young willow is harvested and peeled. It's a labor-intensive process that makes the coffin a lovely golden straw color.

This biodegradable coffin has sturdy woven willow handles for carrying. It comes with a heavy-duty calico cotton hemmed sheet liner, somewhat like a shroud, that wraps the body and provides leak-resistance and modesty. The coffins use classic willow-pole closures through loops. Each coffin has woven flower rings for the placement of bouquets. These coffins are do not have any finish applied.

Handmade coffins of natural materials vary slightly in color and appearance. FLOWERS NOT INCLUDED

Product Features:

  • Available with curved ends or in the traditional shape
  • Unfinished
  • Woven willow handles
  • Hemmed calico cotton sheet liner
  • Weight tested to 350 lbs.

Product Details - MUST SPECIFY SIZE

  • 5'10 = 20" WIDE (USA STOCK)
  • 6'0= 22" WIDE  (USA STOCK)
  • 6'2 = 22" WIDE  (USA STOCK)
  • Coffin weight: 50 lbs

Sustainability Profile

  • Renewable materials - willow; cotton; wood
  • Handmade - Village artisans - Made in Poland
  • Factory - Direct Importer-visits and verification
  • Biodegradable - 95%+
  • Incidental metal fasteners

SOCIAL BENEFIT -- The Natural Burial Company strives to balance the "Triple Bottom Line" of sustainability, considering people, planet and profitability when we design, select and sell our goods. Your purchase of any product the Natural Burial Company promotes supports the work we do to educate the public and funeral service professionals on the importance of environmentally friendly funeral options. This, in turn, transforms the funeral industry into doing the work we want to see made available for everyone. Visit the Natural Burial Company webpage to learn more about the efforts it supports.

FUNERAL DIRECTORS THAT STOCK OUR PRODUCTS -- Funeral Directors can purchase Natural Burial Company products on your behalf. Visit the NATURAL BURIAL COMPANY'S RESELLER'S PAGE for a list of funeral directors that promote and display our products.

TO PURCHASE AN ITEM DIRECTLY FROM US -- Many funeral goods purchases must be made in person or over the telephone to ensure the item you order is the one you need. Except for manufacturing defects or damage during shipment, there are no returns for funeral goods. Please call us at 503-493-9258 to confirm availability and place an order. Please consult our SHIPPING and TERMS pages for details.

  • Usually ships in 2-3 business days to arrive 5-7 business days from ship date, depending on location
  • Will ship directly to funeral home, residence or other address with a receiver
  • Expedited delivery available - must call 503-493-9258 to check for availability
  • Residential delivery on coffins may be extra
  • FTC law requires funeral homes accept coffins from families without an additional charge.

PRICING -- The Natural Burial Company offers Suggested Retail Prices that are appropriate for the the minimal assistance with personalized end-of-life services we can practically offer. Approved resellers may charge more or less than our SRP. For professional advice regarding funeral requirements in your immediate area, we suggest you contact a natural funeral service provider for assistance. Their pricing will take into account other services unavailable through our shop. Our displaying resellers are a great place to start. For additional information, visit the Be A Tree guide.

TO FIND A NATURAL FUNERAL SERVICE PROVIDER -- VISIT THE NATURAL END MAP - http://www.naturalend.com - to find natural funeral service providers and cemeteries that offer vault-free or full-decomposition burial and other natural options.





Other Details

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