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Windy Willows Child Coffins

Windy Willows Child Coffins

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Product Description

Windy Willows Child Coffins

The Windy Willows child coffins are carefully handcrafted by the Somerset Willow Company, in England. Somerset's sustainable agriculture practices and multi-generational weaving family pay tribute to the importance of ecological and traditional values, and these are embodied in their beautifully woven basket-caskets.

Most of the willow used is grown within a 10 mile radius of their Bridgewater workshop in Somerset, England on land the have direct contact with. We order these coffins direct from the UK, each one customized for size, willow color, style and band/handle colors. READ MORE ABOUT SOMERSET'S GROWING PRACTICES HERE

This design comes in two styles - Oval (curved ends) and Traditional (coffin shaped). Six willow handles are woven into the sides (flowers not included! The fitted lid is separate. Each coffin includes a tied-in cotton liner with side drapes, handsewn by UK seamstresses local to the workshop, and a fold-over modesty panel. The"Buff" colored willow is a warm honey color, inlaid with a naturally dyed color-band.The "Weatherbeaten Gold" is has buttery a champagne hue. There is no finish applied.

Handmade coffins of natural materials vary slightly in color and appearance. FLOWERS NOT INCLUDED

Product Features:

  • Sizes and colors limited to stock on hand
  • Available with curved ends or in the traditional shape
  • Unfinished
  • Woven willow handles
  • Hemmed calico cotton sheet liner
  • Made in the UK

Sustainability Profile

  • Renewable materials - willow; cotton; wood
  • Handmade - Family workshop, journeyman artisans
  • Maker-grown materials
  • Biodegradable - 100%

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  • FTC law requires funeral homes accept coffins from families without an additional charge.

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 RETAIL PRICE --  $995.00



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