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ARKA Biodegradable Acorn Urn - Multiple Colors

ARKA Biodegradable Acorn Urn - Multiple Colors

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Product Description

Biodgradable Cremation Urn

The ARKA Acorn Urn is intended to contain ashes after cremation. Produced to UK regulation size - 10" high x 8" wide - it's considered a large urn, adequate for most remains, with a 220CM volume.

The Acorn Urn is manufactured out of biodegradable recycled fibers. It's hand worked and sanded smooth in the ARKA workshop in Brighton, UK, and then overlaid in recycled mulberry leaf paper dyed with natural colors.  Once buried, the natural fibers will decompose rapidly, becoming part of the earth again.

The Urn comes in multiple colors: Moss Green, Russet Red, Stone Blue, White, and Gold are stocked in the US. Additional colors are available.

How to use the Acorn Urn

Plant the urn about 2 feet deep in the earth, and at least 3 feet away from the large roots of any small bushes or young trees. The alkaline "ash" of the burned bones, mostly calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate (sterilized bonemeal) then returns slowly to the soil and will be used by the surrounding soil web.

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE = $189.00 includes standard shipping; Expedited and overnight shipping available upon request.

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SOCIAL BENEFIT --We strive to balance the "Triple Bottom Line" of sustainability, considering people, planet and profitability when we design, select and sell our goods. Your purchase of any product the Natural Burial Company promotes supports the work we do to educate the public and funeral service professionals on the importance of environmentally friendly funeral options. This, in turn, transforms the funeral industry into doing the work we want to see made available for everyone. Visit the Natural Burial Company webpage to learn more about the efforts it supports.

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